Partner A. Milukas shares his thoughts about the startup ecosystem at Lithuanian Economy Conference

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Last week fund partner Audrius Milukas had the honor to speak about unicorn trends at the Lithuania Economic Conference 2021.

Key conclusions from the presentation:

- There are 692 unicorns in the World. Top regions: 1. USA - 53%; 2. China - 20%; 3. Europe - 14%.

- During the pandemic, the unicorn births exploded - almost 300 (!) joined the herd.

- Top industries with the most unicorns remain 1. Fintech - 119; 2. Software - 109; 3. E-Commerce - 82.

- Health, Cybersecurity, Data management, and AI could be identified as breakthrough fields.

- Lithuania has at least 50 fast-growing startups that aim to become unicorns in a 3-5 years period.

Tech and startups are thriving both in Lithuania and Worldwide. Let's continue to support our rising stars and early-stage tech companies!