Early stage tech VC

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Our investment focus

We are interested in technology companies in the fields of ICT, robotics and high-tech. We favor teams of professionals comprised or led by serial entrepreneurs with past growth, fundraising and/or exiting experience.

We are looking for product building companies that would be high-potential, fast-growth, and ready to conquer foreign markets. Best time to talk us is just after first revenues in the company.

Our investment approach

It all starts with a conversation where we learn about you and your ambition.

In the space of few meetings we are targeting to decide whether to look further.

We'll discuss particular terms, ask for more information, and analyse further.

The legal part - we know everyone loves it, and, finally, we join your venture.

Start the conversation

It is always best to reach to individual partners whom you feel will have the most relevant conversation with your team. It's advised for you to prepare to present your case in a convincing fashion - over presentation, executive summary, spreadsheet - or any other format that you feel does the job.

Simplest way to start the process is by dropping us a line at


What technologies do we invest in?

We are looking for ICT, Robotics and High-tech companies. We see ICT as broad field encompassing SaaS, marketplaces, apps, as well as infrastructure solutions. In Robotics we are looking at gadgets, logistics and warehousing, consumer electronics, industry 4.0 components, actuators, drone components. In High-tech, we are open to med-tech, optics, life-sciences, chemical innovations, and broader innovations.

How much money do we invest?

We are looking to follow a successful company over several years with 4-5 investments totalling 3 million euros, however we prefer our initial investment to be much smaller in the space of 100-500 thousand euros. We are actively helping companies to raise money from co-investors at every round.

How much of shares are you looking to control?

We don't emphasize any particular shares target. As long as we can agree on a fair valuation, we take what the proportion is relative to the investment. We believe that throughout initial rounds the team should always maintain majority control of their company.

Are you dumb or smart money?

Beyond the capital provided we provide support to our companies with team building, business decisions, growth, technology transfer, and fundraising. We recognize that there is a degree of control that comes with our investment and we try to to balance it out so we are constructive and positive contribution to the companies.

Do you lead or follow rounds?

We are happy with both. We prefer syndicated rounds and actively help our companies involve further investors. We can take the lead role, when it's needed, but also happy to follow if other investors are more active.

Is your investment limited by state support?

Lithuania's public institutions is major stakeholder in our fund, but our investments are not limited by de minimis amounts and therefore are compatible with other state and EU support mechanisms.