Audrius Milukas

Partner, CEO

Audrius Milukas is a Banking and Corporate Finance professional. He has more than 13 years’ experience in banking, financial analysis, corporate finance, risk management, investments and business strategy. Audrius led Head of Region in Nordea bank AS Lithuania branch with responsibility for Nordea bank mid-size corporate business. Prior to that he was a Senior Project Manager holding relationship with key corporate customers with operations in Baltics and Poland.


After one year of leading Orion Securities Financing unit where he was responsible for SME and larger enterprises investments and financing, Audrius transitioned into his own lending business with 10mEUR of attracted capital to SME finance UAB and total of 20MEUR of attracted capital to various projects.


Audrius holds a BSc. and MSc. degrees from Vilnius University, and Executive MBA from Baltic Management Institute, as well as got further education in innovation in Frankfurt Technical University. He is fluent in English, Lithuanian and Russian.


Besides professional experience Audrius participates in social projects as a mentor or consultant. Member of Vilnius University and BMI alumni.

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