William Cardwell


Since 1999, Will Cardwell has been involved either as a leader or an active team member for fundraising projects in 34 companies where funds were successfully raised, either as a board member/shareholder with a responsibility related to fundraising (19 cases), advisor/ investment banker (7 cases), or responsible signatory in a university tech transfer project (8 cases).  In total, the 34 seed and growth-stage companies raised over 187m euros, an average of about 5m euros each.

In addition, he has been an equity partner in 4 venture capital management companies totaling 239M euros. He is an Adjunct Professor, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, teaching entrepreneurship, venture capital, and angel investing across Europe, Africa, and the US.  In Finland, he is a partner in Courage Ventures Ltd, a consulting firm, and Courage Ventures Management Ltd., a seed and early-stage investor.

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