William Cardwell


Since 1999, Will Cardwell has been involved either as leader or an active team member for fundraising projects in 34 companies where funds were successfully raised, either as board member/shareholder with a responsibility related to fundraising (19 cases), advisor/ investment banker (7 cases), or responsible signatory in a university tech transfer project (8 cases).  In total, the 34 seed and growth-stage companies raised over 187m euros, an average of about 5m euros each.

In addition, he has been an equity partner in 4 venture capital management companies totaling 239M euros. He is Adjunct Professor, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Kenan-Flagler Business School at University of North Carolina, teaching entrepreneurship, venture capital, and angel investing across Europe, Africa and the US.  In Finland, he is a partner in Courage Ventures Ltd, a consulting firm, and Courage Ventures Management Ltd., a seed and early stage investor.

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